Open Mic

The Last Word Open Mic: Healing & Therapy

Last month we had our first open and honest discussion on mental health. We had many brave souls come forward and share their personal experiences with mental health, it’s various symptoms, causes and even their struggle with it. This month our focus is entirely on combatting it.

We’re looking for pieces both fiction or non-fiction, prose or verse and personal or impersonal. How does one heal from a depressive mood? What is your personal therapy that comes to your aid. In essence what do you do (or have you done) that makes you feel better. Let us know on the 28th

We will have up to 10 performers who we will shortlist after they email us at answering the required questions. Your emails should include answers to the following

1. Your full name
2. Your cell phone (or any other phone number)
3. The title of your piece
4. What kind of piece is it? (i.e. short story, play, poetry, etc.)
5. What language your piece is in
6. A short description of what your piece is and what it means to you
7. An attachment of your piece in pdf or word format.
8. A short bio of yourself

The subject of the email should be “Open Mic: therapy”

Our theme is ‘Healing & Therapy’

Make sure your piece is within the time range of 5-7 MINUTES so that we remain on schedule.

The Open Mic will take place on Thursday 28th of February 2019, 6:30-8:00pm at The Last Word bookshop Lahore Z-block.

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